Bespoke Design Consultation

Bespoke Design Consultation


This voucher will put you in queue for a bespoke design consultation with Stephanie Lee Paynter. This fee covers the custom design process, including a maximum of 12 custom drawings. The month you choose is when your custom design process will begin. Turn around after payment is approximately 4-6 weeks.


You will receive an invoice before work begins on your custom piece. (Work will not begin until the invoice is paid.) Should you decide not to move forward after the design process has begun or if you do not respond to messages in your month of choice, the $30 is non-refundable.


Please include any design ideas, stone preferences, etc. in the notes of your order. Thank you!



Frequently Asked Questions:


-How do I commission a custom/hold my place?

Go to my website and click on the "Custom" tab. From there, just choose the month before you'd like to receive the custom piece of jewelry.


-What does "bespoke design consultation" mean? / What are you charging for?

This $30 fee covers the custom design process: communicating design ideas, sending photos of stones, and a maximum of 12 custom drawings. I typically spend anywhere from 2-4 hours with a client to finalize the perfect piece. This fee covers all of that. Note that this can be an entirely virtual process or you are welcome to come to my studio.


-How much does a custom piece of jewelry cost?

The average price for a custom design is $150-$250. Prices vary depending on the stones used and the material. (For instance, some turquoise is much more valuable than others and sterling is more expensive than brass) You will be billed when the final design is agreed upon and work does not begin until payment is made.


-How long does the process take?

I typically reach out one week before the chosen month to begin the process. (So if you choose May, I will contact you in April to discuss budget and design, send design ideas for approval, invoice you, and then you will receive the jewelry 4 - 6 weeks after payment is made.